When the Moon Rides the Tides of Time
Eric Chengyang 墨月橙阳

On the day of the eclipse,

I awoke.

In the sand of Dunhuang

left untouched by Stein,

I followed the clues given

by three jogging rabbits,

and found a piece of your name.

Heading eastward,

I turned over every grain of sand,

searched underneath each rubble of concrete,

and pieced together your name

from Last to First,

from the desert oasis

to the deserted ocean

In the reflection of the full moon,

with every droplet

gifted by the waves

carried by the wind,

I wrote an invitation

as a love poem.

Then, I torn it up

line by line,

word by word,

stroke by stroke,

and scattered towards the Celestial River above.

Glittering against

the backdrop of a starry sky,

lit by the iridescent hue

of the lunar corona, I,

turned my eyes away from the reciting tides,

turned my ears away from the chanting mountains,

turned my mind away from the luring leaves,

and backed away in the direction

of the clinking silence preceding

the next grand banquet.

Dawat Yan Banquet